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About Us

Postcollapse Art Network is a resource for artists, curators, and arts professionals hailing from the east of where the Berlin Wall once stood to the Great Wall of China. Our aim is to establish and sustain a vibrant community where members can search, discover, and connect with one another. We are especially interested in casting a wide network for collaborations and encourage members to use this platform for establishing those connections. 

Currently, membership is by invitation only. However, if this community sounds like a good fit for you, please send us a quick note with a request to join. We are always happy to hear from potential new members. And yes, membership is free! 

Why This Network?

Just as the terms postwar, postcolonial, and even postmodern were coined to trace the contours of new social realities shaped in the aftermath of certain historical ruptures, we use the term postcollapse as a framework for contextualizing the contemporary practices of artists from Eastern Europe, Middle East, and Central Asia who have themselves experienced the turbulence of the 1980s and the deepening rifts since the 1990s as nations, governments, and borders have collapsed. This region, overlooked in the greater contemporary art world, represents a critical context that demands a rethinking of our own contemporary moment. Our aim with this online network is to bring visibility to the thoughts, practices, and experiences of these artists and art professionals while promoting our work as key to defining the global contemporary.

As a network, this platform functions to connect artists and art professionals. It is not an artist registry for uploading your CV and bio, nor a social media site for sharing and liking posts. Our goal for this is to function as a professional network for discovering who else is out there and what we can do together. 

Join Us!

Postcollapse Art gives a name and a space to those practices, ideas, and experiences that otherwise don’t easily fit within existing networks. If these goals appeal to you, join us!

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